The overall purpose of the CARE Connection Volunteer Visitors Ministry is to help build Christian community through maintaining personal connections between our homebound members and our church.  Trained volunteers from our congregation visit our homebound members for social contact and spiritual support.  Volunteers are expected to:

  • help care receivers maintain a connection to the church
  • help provide personal, social and spiritual support to care receivers
  • visit or call the care receiver at least one time per month
  • deliver flowers on CARE Team flower Sundays when possible
  • if available, attend the tea/coffee sponsored by the CARE Team one time per year at each senior residence
  • share concerns that arise with the pastoral staff

The CARE Team provides the name and contact information of the homebound member, sample prayers that can be read during visits, flowers on Flower Sundays, and annual volunteer trainings.  The CARE Ministry Team meets at the church once a month, usually on the Third Tuesday, 10:30am-11:45am.  We welcome new members for the CARE Ministry Team and also to serve as CARE Connection Visitor Volunteers.

If interested in serving as a CARE Connection Volunteer or for more information please contact Pastor Randy.