Good morning everyone. Leah told me to keep it to a couple of minutes, but I could easily take an hour to share with you how God has been at work in my life recently. Although many examples come to mind, the most powerful event that continues to be at the forefront of my thinking began May 17th of this year. For those of you who don’t know, I fell 13 feet off a ladder onto concrete that night in my best friend’s garage. The result was a traumatic brain injury due to three brain bleeds as well as 40+ bone fractures to my head, shoulder, collarbone, and back. Although I don’t even recall the accident and the following weeks continue to be sketchy for me, what I have been told by my family and friends makes me certain God was and continues to be at work in my life. God has been at work through the actions of others. 

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God art Work…planting spiritual seeds (foundation) 

I must share that I struggled with my story—or should I say stories. This morning about 6:00 a.m., my introduction became clear and fell into place. My head and heart became balanced, inner peace. My contemplative prayer practices “kicked in” so to speak. 

“Come and Find the quiet Center”, page 2128 sums up much that needs to be said. Feel free to read the verses. A suggestion is that you prepare your story. If not for everyone then just for yourself. With your permission I’ll begin… 

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One or two minutes? That part is going to be tough… 

I am going to start with is “where I experience God”. The trite answer is everywhere. The more I thought of this, in my case, the more I believe it to be true. I see God’s work every moment of every day. I feel it when I go for a walk, mowing the lawn, cooking a meal, working in the garden, being with friends, my kids, my grandkids, anybody’s kids and my fantastic and lovely wife ( that’s a three pointer for sure). I could go on and on, but you get the idea. 

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At the age of 9 I felt Jesus knocking at my heart while lying in bed looking out at the treetops. I said “YES Jesus, I will follow your lead for my life! Please show me the way!” It hasn’t been easy, but taking everything one day at a time – one moment at a time - God has helped me through some very tumultuous times. I took ownership of my faith formation at an early age. I had to walk to church rain/snow or shine by myself from elementary school on. I find it important to take leadership of the faith formation for my family. Last year I felt communication breaking down within our family and fortunately either Pastor Randy or Diana gave me a resource entitled Faith 5. I decided to implement it and it has worked wonders! 

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I’ve moved to 7 cities in the last 12 years; over these years I participated in a variety of spiritual and religious structures, largely on the Christian spectrum. When my family moved to town a year ago, it felt different. We were joining a long-term community, laying down roots. Last Fall I found myself in a season of doubt. Finding the right church, led me to explore my hang-ups about Jesus’ divinity and the Trinity. 

Instead of pushing the doubt away I found myself embracing it. I shared my questions with friends and relatives. I explored ancient wisdom, practices of centering & spiritual growth, and learned more about world religions like Buddhism. I didn’t know where it was leading – and I knew it could mean I was leaving the Christian church. With being honest came uncomfortable feelings, pain, tears, and worries. 

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